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How Can I Help You?

If you have a business idea or simply looking for graphic, web design or web development services, or you may be looking to upgrade your technical skills. If you have talent, creativity, or a product you wish to sell/ promote, I can help you set up your portfolio or shop online, and help you market yourself as well. I also provide tutoring, video course creation, data manipulation & custom template creation services to manage data.

Who am I?

A Technical Trainer, Web Designer/Developer by profession and a travel enthusiast who loves to meet people and make new friends. My name is Geet Dhillon and I am inspired by Artists, Writers, Entrepreneur & Visionaries. I try to find way to help, promote their talent and creativity.

Need Technical Training?

  • Microsoft Office Software

    If you need any help with Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, it may be training, or data analysis, creating your own datasheet or creating your own templates, just ping me.

  • WordPress

    WordPress is the most popular platform not just for blogging but to build your website portfolio. Nowadays you can create application based websites in WordPress. If you need to manage, create, learn or maintain your website, I am just a ping away.

  • Html Css & Photoshop

    If you need to create your own portfolio, or website in simple html and css, or need a design or mockup for your website. If you need to retouch your photos or looking for some graphics or to learn the technology.

  • Python

    Python is an easy and fast alternative for making quality softwares. Its being used extensiverly for data scraping, software development, artificial intelligence, data analysis etc. I can help you build your software for your local business in Python.

  • Django

    Need a faster web framework which is easy to operate. I would recommend Django for you. It is very powerful and can help you in developing your web application.

Technologies I Work In

  • WordPress

    WordPress is the easiest platform to operate and maintain. If you need a dynamic portfolio website, blog or you need a complex ecommerce or LMS website I will build it for you.

  • Html Css & Photoshop

    If You need a static website with basic graphics, or have a complex website design you wish to incorporate, I will use these technologies to build it for you.

  • PHP

    No Application can be build without a server side language. If you have a complex requirement for an online web application, PHP is the language to go with.

  • ReactJS

    React is the trending technology and application are handled very smoothly with this technology. I will help you build a web application with React.

  • Magento

    In need of an online store for your business. Work with the most trusted technology. I will help you set up your shop with Magento framework.

  • Python

    If you need to develope a complex software for your internal business use. I will make a software for you in Python.

  • Django

    In case you have a specific requirement to build your website, I will create a website for you in Python

If you are into writing, blogging and art work or you are a freelancer with some good designing or developing skills, we are going to get along just fine. These are my platforms for artists and bloggers, do check them out and let’s collaborate over a cup of coffee. 


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